An ecosystem that guides curious individuals who’re passionate about their interests and want to pursue unconventional careers by defying the conventional norms of academic education. Offering a full spectrum of services all under one roof for the aspirant ‘Professional’ – with the promise of being non-judgemental and empowering them with knowledge to become an Independent progressive ‘Solopreneur’ or just being the biggest supporter of their dream. As a professional’s journey is never complete similarly ours has just begun. And we will continue to evolve for the betterment of those daredevil students who would like to break the norms and not follow the usual path to success.

Why we came together

Scattered conversations. Scattered thoughts. And that’s just how the idea struck. All this when having cutting chai virtually during the peak of the pandemic. One gulped and one hooted in excitement. And thus a newbie platform started taking form and got launched in October of 2021.



Giving life to one’s passion and nurturing individuals through not just skill training but aiding the journey in becoming an industry specialist. Delivered through professionals into becoming a professional. Making the pathway ageless and boundaryless


Conventional is not our way. We’re here to back your choice of unconventional careers. Our ecosystem’s been built to support and guide you through this path of unknown, till the very end. It encompasses not just training with the industry stalwarts who’re benchmarks in their fields but also upskilling the knowledge base, garnering perspectives on the ever-evolving industry and last but not least an avenue to forge relationships with Professionals from similar and/or different fields. All this to ensure your journey as a ‘Solopreneur’ has the required depth and understanding to climb the peak of success