Can a recorded video assess professional-level makeup?

Why learn professional makeup from live, online sessions and not
recorded videos.

What looks good in photographs and videos may look obnoxious and OTT (Over the top) in real-life settings. “A photograph is a 2-dimension object, but when you see a model in a physical space, face-to-face, you see him or her in 3-dimension,” explains Cory Wallia, head makeup designer for Priyanka Chopra-starrer Fashion (2008). Hence, makeup for both will vastly differ. “Most recorded video tutorials focus on what looks good on screen, which means you are not learning how to apply makeup on brides, ramp models, air hostesses or actors and actresses for physical appearances,” adds Wallia. 

Also, the recorded videos of most makeup influencers and tutors’ are created in collaboration with a cosmetic brand. They will limit their usage of products to only those brands, which may not be a good idea.

Learning from a recorded video tutorial can do more harm than good as it may misguide and confuse you rather than helping you. “Every makeup trend looks different on different faces. If you overly contour a small face, it will look smaller, which will be a big disaster,” says Shraddha Bachani, celebrity and bridal makeup specialist. “A professional makeup artist must definitely know what not to do, and that no recorded class will teach you.”

It’s best to learn from an expert in a live session. Here is why:

Interact with a celebrity instructor, from your home

It’s extremely difficult for students, even in Mumbai and Delhi, to get an opportunity to meet and interact with experienced, celebrity instructors living in these cities. And getting a chance to learn from them is harder. But live, online sessions give you an opportunity to be trained by the very best from your home.


Learn to be thorough

A professional makeup artist will teach you the entire makeup process – how to prep the skin, create a base, give finishing touches and pack and tidy up after you are done. For instance, prepping your client’s skin with the right products, corresponding to different skin types is absolutely important before you start painting his/her face. You have to do this not only to protect your client’s skin, but also to get the right luminosity for smooth application. A recorded video will, most likely, completely skip this step.

The second most important aspect is to conceptualise the entire look before you start working on your client’s face. What shades to use, which facial features must be highlighted, what occasion is the makeup for, how long must it last, what season it is. A makeup artist must keep all these factors in mind and design the overall look and work towards it.


Learn best hygiene practices 

Today, safety and hygiene have become extremely important. Only a professional makeup artist will be able to chart out the most efficient hygiene schedule and protocol for best practices. 

Wear two masks and an unused PPE kit in every session. Don’t use the same sponge or brush on different clients. Know how to correctly sanitise and clean your brushes.


 How to conduct yourself in a professional setup

As a makeup artist, it is important to adhere to best professional practices. Only an experienced professional will emphasise on the importance of dressing up appropriately for an assignment, not gossip or complain in the presence of a client and always smell good. “Remember, it is a workplace and not a café,” says Clint Fernandes who has worked on several international fashion shows in Paris.

As a professional, you should leave your personal problems at home and focus solely on the task at hand. 

Learn the best in makeup practices from Clint Fernandes


Learn client management

Our experts tell us that the trickiest part of a makeup artist’s job is client relationship and management. Some clients are very cooperative and few are arrogant. It’s crucial to learn how to deal with all of them. So, a recorded video won’t be able to teach you that.

Only a trained, experienced professional who has dealt with clients from the fashion, movie and wedding industry will be able to teach you the ropes of client relationship and management.


How to manage and plan your finances

Do you know how much a makeup artist charges per person? What are the current market rates? If the answer is no, then you can pose these questions in live classes. You can learn the best way to manage finances as a professional makeup artist and the art of negotiation. You can also get the right information on initial investment that needs to be made to start your career in makeup.


Get feedback

Getting feedback for your work is extremely important if you want to become a successful makeup artist. Our experts will give you assignments, point out your mistakes and also tell you how to rectify them. As Shraddha says, “It is important for a professional to learn what not to do as well.”


Learn invaluable lessons from their career trajectory

In live classes, you can gain greater understanding and real-life examples from our experts’ career trajectory and on-job stories. These teach you what to do or not to do, and not make the same mistakes the experts did. This will shorten your trial and error phase, helping you reach your goals faster.


How to build an impressive portfolio

As a makeup artist, your portfolio is your resume. This will bag you projects and jobs. You can ask PathBreakerZ’s experts about tips on how to build an extensive and impactful portfolio while attending our live sessions.

Illustration: Sachin Pandit

Team PathBreakerZ
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