10 reasons why you must pursue a career in makeup

Opportunity to earn more than an MNC’s CEO, travel the world, creative satisfaction.

In today’s world of selfies and glam social media influencers, a makeup artist is a highly sought-after professional. From fashion to entertainment, weddings and social media content videos, a makeup person is an absolute must. Hence, this makes for a very exciting career.

You can earn more than an MNC’s CEO

After speaking with several celebrity makeup artists and experts, we can tell you with confidence that there is no dearth of work and money in this field. 

From a homemaker to a top fashion model, everyone needs the service of a makeup artist. Weddings, photoshoots and movies will always be in vogue, and so will makeup experts. Another great way to earn is to monetise your social media platforms.

Depending on your experience and the assignments you bag, you could, on an average, earn anywhere between 5,000 to over a lakh per client. 

There will be days when you may have up to 10 clients a day or more, especially during the festive and wedding season in India. On other days, you could be working at fashion events, for magazine photo shoots or on assignments with different brands that are always shooting models and celebrities for their websites, hoardings, print ads, social media, etc. 

You can also start your YouTube or IGTV channels, and if your content is loved by viewers, you could earn money from digital ads and brand collaborations as well. These days, several makeup brands collaborate with beauty influencers and content creators to make interesting videos and tutorials.

While there is no fixed formula to success, if you chart out your career right and network well, you could be leading a team of makeup artists and be the CEO of your own company, working for both, Indian and international clients. The possibilities are endless.

Start your career when you want

Unlike most conventional careers that require one to spend a minimum of five to seven years of higher education to start in a chosen career, you can choose to kick-start yours whenever you want. You could be straight out of junior college and be a sought-after artist and you could start your career even in your late 40s. There is no timeline and no rules here. 

Also, in this profession, your skills count, not the level of education. You don’t require a degree to become a makeup artist. What you need is a good course from our experts and a good makeup kit to start and excel. 

Travel the world

Makeup artists frequently travel the world for different projects. For instance, they may accompany a singer to an event location or travel with a bride to an exotic destination wedding. You will be mostly travelling on your client’s dime, which is an added bonus!

A much loved profession

Who doesn’t like a person who makes others look and feel beautiful? As a makeup artist, your job is to create beauty all around you and you will be respected and admired for it.

Become a social media influencer

Beauty influencers are among the most followed and subscribed professionals on social media. People are always looking for beauty tips and hacks to get those perfect wings with eye liners and contoured cheeks. You, too, can post DIY or how-to-do videos and become an internet celebrity.

Pro tip: Always ask your clients to show you some love on social media. That way, even netizens will adore you. 

Earn and invest

In the very beginning, you will have to invest in a basic makeup kit. But as your career grows, you will be able to cover the cost of that first kit and also pay for an advanced kit and workshops to upskill yourself with the money you earn. You will not have to seek a loan from friends or family to succeed in your career.

Creative satisfaction

Makeup artists work in a dynamic environment with different kinds of people. From real world to reel world, they aren’t stuck in a usual office set up with the same people every day. A makeup artist’s job is to be artistic, expressive and creative. Hence, working in this vibrant atmosphere will help you stay motivated and channelise your creative energies.

A flexible work model

You can choose to be a freelancer or be employed in a full-time or part-time job. That’s your choice.

Every day is different

As a professional makeup artist, you are constantly experimenting with makeup looks (and products). One day your job is to work on a bride, while the next day you will be busy making a human look like a zombie. In short, every assignment is different; hence lots of fun. So, your job will never get monotonous.

Meet interesting people

One of the biggest advantages of becoming a makeup artist is that you are always going to be meeting interesting people like actors, casting directors, models, would-be brides, corporate honchos, among others. You will have the opportunity to work with celebrity clients on blockbuster movies or with top fashion houses. These connections will help you get more clients and become more successful.

Illustration: Sachin Pandit

Team PathBreakerZ
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