Kavita Mantri

Makeup Artist

  • Kavita Mantri started her makeup and hairstyling business from a tiny room on the outskirts of Mumbai six years ago. Today, she has a fully professional studio right in the centre of the megacity.
  • She is one of the best bridal makeup artists in the country, earning more than an engineer, lawyer or even a chartered accountant.
  • Hundreds of her makeup and hairstyling students are now working as highly sought-after professionals, earning lakhs of rupees a year.

Even 11 years after working in the corporate sector as a computer engineer, Kavita was not making as much money as she is now as a makeup artist. Back then, she couldn’t even spend enough time with her little daughter, which triggered her to change her profession. Six years ago, when she decided to learn makeup and hair styling and start her career in the field, her mother was not happy with her decision and some of her relatives thought she was crazy to leave a stable job. “I didn’t listen to them and went ahead anyways. Today, my relatives look up to me and my mother is very happy as I am not just earning a lot more but also spending a lot more time with my daughter and my clients love me.”